New York National Guard 7th Regiment Lapel Pin – SOLD

Gold and Enameled lapel pin for a member of the 7th Regiment, NYNG.


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The 7th Regiment has a long and storied career, having been organized in 1806.  The regiment was one of the several New York City units that also served in the American Civil War.  After the war they continued as organized Militia within the state.  In 1917, during WWI, the regiment was re-designated as the 107th Infantry and assigned to the 27th Division.

The nearly one inch pin-backed lapel pin is made of gold and red and blue enamel. The regiment motto in latin reads, “Pro Patria Et Cloria,” with the letters “NG” in the old english in the center. An old piece of paper had been applied some time ago bearing the name of he regiment member, “L.L.Robbins.”  On the back is a small standing loop that may have had suspended a drop with the number of years as a member.

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