CDV- One of the last Images of General Winfield Scott. – SOLD

Possibly taken on the steps of his residence at West Point (but West Point for sure), old general Winfield Scott in civilian cloth poses for one of, if not the last pose for a photographer.

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This image of Winfield Scott, is part of a collection of West Point images including cadets, other army officers, buildings and other scenes taken by this photo artist, Rockwood, New York City. Nearly all of the images are taken prior to 1866.

Scott is seated in a side chair that has been placed on the steps of one of the stone buildings at West Point (which one I do not know). He made his home at West Point in his last few years of life, passing away on May 29, 1866. Like another image being offered on this site, “Old Fuss & Feathers” is wearing civilian clothes.  He still maintains the wide girth, but it does seem to shrunken some from other earlier wartime photos.  His right arm is supported by a cane.

A very sharp and clean image of quality, one of the last taken of the old general who as a general officer, held that rank over a six decade period, the longest serving in the history of the American army.

The backmark, like many in the grouping is “Rockwood, Photographer, 839 Broadway, N.Y.”

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