PAL Fighting Knife & Scabbard- 28th Special Bn Seabees – SOLD

A wartime used PAL fighting knife & scabbard, twice identified to a Navy Seabee.

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This PAL fighting knife with its original scabbard was worn by U.S.Navy Seabee, K.R. Burger, a member of the 28th Special Navy Construction Battalion.  Burger etched his unit, personal name, and service number along with “U.S.N.R.” in the front of the scabbard, and again with ink in his hand on the back side of the scabbard.

The knife has a 6 3/4 inch blade, mark “PAL.”  Burger engraved his name on the cross guard. He must have written his name in pencil and used a pointed instrument, making repeated strikes along the pencil makes recreating his signature in a crude engraved style. The blade shows a lot of use, repeated sharpening, cleaning, etc.  Point no doubt has been shortened from original length.

Grip is made of leather washers, with red plastic ends at top and bottom.  Leather shows wear, but in very good condition.

The scabbard in very good as well; all stitching and metal staples tight.  A good part of the leather thong remains in place.  Snap on leather loop functions.

The 28th Special “Stev-bees” were a stevedoring outfit that facilitated the logistical efforts during the war with speed in handling all manor of cargo for the war needs in the Philippines and then in Japan.  (April 1944- November 1945).

Burger was from Englewood, New Jersey. He was first attached to “Checkers”- Company A, and later Company A, Gang 2.  The photo graph is from an the internet, taken from their unit history. Burger is on the far right, 3rd row.

A nice wartime fighting knife with fine condition and history.

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