1912 Maryland State General’s Full Dress Cap



Bearing the State Crest of Maryland.

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Little had changed with the cap from 1902 to 1912, with the exception of the flaring of the crown on the ‘12s. The change I believe made for a more stunning appearance and certainly more military.

The full dress cap incorporates the full gilt oak leaf trim on the banding of velvet, and on the visor. Gorgeous aren’t they? This one has the state seal in place of the federal shield. The size of the shield looks huge, and the state seal with the red , black and gilt looks fabulous.

The cap is fine+ to excellent exhibiting some moth problems sporadically overall, but you do have to look close to find them (most is smaller that a 1/16” and mostly concentrated on the circumference of the cap. The gilt has toned with age but look great and appears to be without any damage.

The lining is excellent with a NEW YORK CLOTHING HOUSE, BALTIMORE, MD. Makers label in the center. The owner’s name, “Genl. Harvey L. Cooper has affixed his name plate. Two sizing labels are within, and are 7 1/8. A quick search finds Cooper as a member of the General Assembly in 1916, and from Denton, MD.