Personal Modification of the 1903 Gunner’s/ “A” Badges


Perhaps a unique blend- the 1903 1st Class Gunner’s Badge (CAC) with at Marksman “A” badge used as the pin brooch.

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This badge shows an interesting modification of one soldier’s qualifications with rifle as well as being a 1st Class Gunner firing Coast Artillery cannon.  Since artillery gunnery was the main course of instruction with the CAC, the Marksman “A” Course badge showed his skill with a rifle at 200-300 yards as the Coast Artillery was predominately used in a defensive posture.

Unfortunately the soldier did not place is name on the badge.  The holes were drilled to allow the “A’ badge to act as the pin brooch. At close inspection, the drilling for the holes was done well enough but not professionally.  Whether or not it was frowned upon by his officers, it makes for an interesting display piece and a worthy modification for inclusion into the collection.

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