1870-80’s Boxed U.S. Navy Commander’s Dress Epaulettes SOLD

Post Civil War Boxed U.S. Navy Commander’s Dress Epaulettes


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 Post Civil War Boxed U.S. Navy Commander’s Dress Epaulettes


This is a super condition set of boxed navy commander’s epaulettes made by F.J. Heiberger of Washington, D.C.  References place Heiberger at 535 Fifteenth Street from 1879, and between this date until 1890 he advertised extensively in the Army-Navy Journey, etc.

The epaulettes show very little use, or extremely well maintained. The gilt is bright and nearly flawless except for minor toning from age. The Moroccan leather underside shows some slight rubbing, maybe from people handling over the years.

There are pin holes around the anchor and rank insignia due to two things I believe: first a rank change for the oak leaves, and the anchor may have been place perpendicular as per early regulations.

The buttons are unmarked, and the undersides on the brass slides are marked “Left & Right.” There is a small cartouche “EH”stamped there as well, and these epaulettes may have been imported.

The red paper covered press board box is complete with tie strings for the lid, and inner straps for tying down the epaulettes when not in use. A good deal of the original packing paper remains within. The lid had several layers of company labels. Some paper loss on the edges, one area in particular shows heavier wear, but near a label and blends in appearance. The underside shows some water staining and some of the color has run some leaving some stains visible on lower sides, but not detracting from box. Typical small dings, rubs and soiling with some paper lose around on section on the bottom edge in a few places, but now we are getting picky.

The box is approximately 6.”

Better can be had, I just know where you’d go to find them.

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