Pre Civil War Company Grade Epaulets Made By Bent & Bush – Boston


A Rare pair of epaulets with the original Bent & Bush label affixed to each.

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Pre Civil War Company Grade Epaulets Made By Bent & Bush – Boston.  I have had several boxed epaulets from the early to mid 19th Century with maker’s labels on the box, but never have I had epaulets with the labels applied directly to the bottoms of the pair.

The epaulets are of the type worn in the early 1850s generally, and into the Civil War era. They mounted on the shoulders with a doubled brass hook, and each was made to correspond to its specific shoulder.  The narrow gilt fringe indicates use by a junior or company grade officer. It has, and has never had any rank or other insignia applied to these. Note that there was no provision for the button that is usually seen on just pre war and on through to the early 20th Century.

The labels are from the manufacture, BENT & BUSH’S / MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT, Cor. of Court and Washington Sts. / BOSTON. Bent & Bush was located at this address from 1849 to 1874.

Gilt is toned from age, with some small pulls to the wire in a few places only.

A very nice and rare pair of uniform insignia. They have received some restoration; the cloth covering the wool padding needed repair.