Pre WWII- German Made Presentation Grade M1902 Sword – SOLD

Finely chased hilt with blued and gold washed blade.

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As with most officers swords, there are great departures from the regulation pattern seen in the presentation grades, and in the 1920s- 30s is usually when this Eagle pommel type imported from Germany seen.

An eagle pommel has more of a bird’s head look with ruby colored eyes, and is one piece extending down to the ferrule. The hilt has a full three branch guard, and single branch on the other side of the grip.  The entire hilt is finely chased with leaves, florals, etc.

The scabbard has two upper ring mounts with scroll and floral design, as well as the drag.  These parts as well as the hilt are in the white (nickeled). The scabbard has light scuffing to the smooth surfaces, but overall in great condition.

The grip is made of dark horn.

A 30 inch, single fuller blade is wonderfully blued and gold washed with “U.S.” and Eagle coat of arms panels, using finely etched floral panels for three fifths of the blade with the remaining polished bright to the point. The ricasso bears a six pointed star with “Proof”and “GERMANY” stamped near the underside of the hilt. Condition of the blade is excellent showing slight wear from having been drawn from its scabbard over the years.

No identification as to the owner.  This sword was made most likely just before the start WWII.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in