Pre WWII “Salesman’s Sample” Tray of Navy Collar Insignia. SCARCE FIND!


This complete tray of Pre-WWII AMICO U.S. Navy collar insignia, was part of a case used by salesmen when selling various insignia to tailors, who were accustomed to making military clothing for their military service clientele.

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I will say here, because some of you will wonder what happened to the case with all the insignia?

Quite a number of years ago, when the complete case made its way to the market, it was broken up; each tray sold separately.  It would be a wonderful thing to have all of this, but this one tray is all that is available.

The tray of blue velvet, with maroon silk cover, holds 32 pieces of insignia, all aremade by “AMICO and  STERLING.”  The gold insignia is officer’s and plated in 14K gold.  The silver are for chief petty officers.  The majority are pin back with 12 being clutch back.

Dating was somewhat easy, as every one of these insignia, save one, are all WW2 period with the exception of the construction engineers insignia, which was done away with in the late 1930s.  Condition is excellent throughout. A small piece of tape on the front reads, “Navy Branch” in hand-written ink.

Included is a photocopy of a National Geographic Magazine plate showing WW2 Navy miniature insignia, exclusive of the construction engineer.  If not a unique collection, certainly a scarce one to find.

So, if you are strictly a military insignia collector, then, NO, there will not be any pairs of insignia in the tray.  This was a sampling for the Military to view and decide to buy insignia from this company. That’s it.  It’s Scarce!

Tray measures approx. 14 3/4″ x 8 1/4

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