Prescott Guards Cartridge Box


From Pepperell, Massachusetts.

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The Prescott Guards, also known as the Pepperell Light Infantry was an independent militia company that was organized in 1819 in Pepperell, Massachusetts. There were named after a famous Revolutionary War hero in town, Colonel William Prescott of the Battle of Bunker Hill fame.

Very similar to another listed on this site, constructed of leather components sewn together, and 21 tin tubes soldered in one block to hold .69 calibre cartridges. The box measures approximately 9 inches across the flap and about 4 inches high. The original shoulder strap runs through leather strap guides and affixes to iron buckles beneath the box. This box differs from the other listed, in that the other box’s buckles are sewn on straight, where this one has them angled to better accept the straps when properly mounted in the criss-cross method. An iron hook plate affixed to the under flap engages a catch at the base of the box proper for closure.

Condition is very good overall. leather surfaces are largely free of chipping and dryness. Stitching is good except for on back side section that has broken open and exposing the back side portion of the tin tubes (this does not effect the display of the box).  Stitching holding the tin tube tight to the box have broken along the front of the box under the flap.  The “PG” on the flap is very nice, with one long gouge through the “P” that must have happened during the very hard campaign of spring or fall Muster….pick a year.  Everything else is sound. Really a very nice box with a town history.


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