Prescott Guards Newspaper Article – 1839 SOLD

Written in THE SUNBEAM, VOL I, NO. IV, Concord, Mass.


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The Prescott Guards, also known as the Pepperell Light Infantry was an independent militia company that was organized in 1819 in Pepperell, Massachusetts. There were named after a famous Revolutionary War hero in town, Colonel William Prescott of the Battle of Bunker Hill fame.

In an early issue of The Sunbeam, printed in Concord, Massachusetts; Vol I, No. IV, dated Friday,  October 18, 1839, the members of the Prescott Guard wrote an editorial expressing their opinions concerning their times, as in our, about armed militias, governments unpreparedness for possible military actions, lack of patriotism, so much more.  I have photographed the article, it is a must read….sounds very much like “a today’s topic.”

Good historical background given on the Guards, Col. Prescott, and evoking the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice of the cherished veterans of the Revolutionary War.

Other articles: Address of the Middlesex Co. Democratic Convention; Edward Everett (Governor), etc.  and a nice American Flag woodcut notice for the Democratic Nominations, for governor Marcus Morton….

Condition of the paper is  very good.

A great article from the Prescott Guard.


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