RARE 14KT Gold Medal – “The FEIGL MEDAL” 7th U.S. Field Artillery


Jefferson Feigl, was the first American artillery officer killed in WWI; A Lieutenant of Battery “F”, 7th Field Artillery. His Father created the medal to honor of his fallen son.

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RARE 14KT Gold Medal – “The FEIGL MEDAL” 7th U.S. Field Artillery.

The FIEGL Medal was created by Colonel Frederick Feigl, a German-American publisher and army officer in the Texas National Guard, and saw service with the Texas Rangers on the Mexican frontier. Colonel Feigl created this medal in memory of his son, Jefferson Feigl, the first U.S. Army artillery officer killed on March 21, 1918, in WWI, then serving in Battery “F” 7th Field Artillery, 1 Division, AEF.

Jeff Feigl was a Cutler School & Harvard Graduate, before becoming a 2nd Lieutenant in the 7th Field Artillery, the only son of Col. Fred Feigl and Jane Maulden Feigl, was born in New York City, July 23, 1895. When America entered the World War, Jeff entered training at Plattsburg, NY, then assigned to the 7th FA, after completing his courses at the French Artillery School at Saumur.  Arriving in the Toul Sector, he joined Battery “F” on January 1, 1918, and then served in combat with that unit without relief until 21 March, 1918, when he was killed in action by a shell burst that landed near him.  Services were held for him at Mandres, France, where is remains were laid to rest.

The Feigl Medal was donated each year beginning in 1925, by Jeff Feigl’s parents, “To the best soldier in the Regiment.” That soldier was 1st Sergeant W.H. Langford, HQ & HQ Battery & Combat Train, 1st Bn. in 1925.  The awards continued, till 1932, when the trail in information dries up. It may be that the gift was ended with the death of Colonel Feigl in 1933.  I have found all the names of the recipients to presumably that last year (1932).

Made using 1 ounce of 14 karat gold, made in two sections; the pin brooch, and main medal. The brooch reads, “7th ARTILLERY HONOR MEDAL WON BY;”  & the medal, Left side bust in service dress coat and cap, “IN MEMORY OF LIEUT. JEFF FEIGL / CUTLER ’14 / HARVARD ’18.”  The reverse marking on the brooch has the 14KT mark with Dieges & Clust hallmark.  The reverse reading on the medal, “THE FIRST AMERICAN ARTILLERY OFFICER KILLED IN ACTION IN THE WORLD WAR MARCH 21st1918.”

Included with the medal, I have added a WWI Victory Medal Bar, the 7th FA history with some water staining but having good information on Feigl and the unit, a real photo postcard of a battery E truck with writing on the side, “Bat E, 7th FA / NACH BERLIN”  (near Berlin), having no relation to Feigl, and research material I have put together.

I have not located another, nor have I seen photographs of one on the web. This one appears to be one that was never awarded, maybe the last one produced before the death of Col. Feigl (speculation on my part alone).

A great opportunity to own an extremely Rare WWI American Artillery Medal.

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