RARE George B. McClellan Bronze Medallion – SOLD

Only one hundred of these bronze medals struck, alone with 5 copper.


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This medal was struck at the U.S. Mint in 1862.  This is one of one hundred made in bronze.  Another 5 were made in copper.   The engraver is George Lovett.

These were made for J.M.P. Price of Philadelphia on July 21, 1862.  The five copper were struck in 1867 by William Barber.  There are some in white medal, but these were struck outside the mint.


Accompanying this medal is a period not that inclosed it and reads, “The enclosed medal of General George McClellan was gotten up by Mr. Jos. M.P. Price, now (1880) of Camden, NJ, and other Democratic admirers of the Gen’l.  The die was made by Lovett and was fiIt is probably very rare as few are known to be in hands of others than those immediately interested in its getting up and only 100 pieces struck in all.  The bust is well executed as it bears a very striking resemblance to him now.  J.L.J. (possibly J.L. Jr.).

The condition is fine with rich chocolate color, and only a few darker blemishes on the reverse side, and minor scuffing.

A rare medal with a great period note from the original recipient.

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Weight 2 lbs