RARE Model 1879 Hartman Carbine Socket – SOLD

One of the rarest of Indian Wars accoutrements; horse gear and weapons related item.

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This design of this cavalry carbine socket was submitted to the Ordnance Department by Sergeant Henry Hartman, 1st U.S. Cavalry.  He idea behind this pattern came as a result of several reported injuries do to the main problem with the old Civil War pattern; that if a trooper was thrown from his mount, the barrel may not come freely out of the socket, causing him to be pulled by the horse and or trampled by other horses.  This new design of Hartman’s allow for a quick release with the back of the socket open.

Spring metal, that was leather covered, would expand open from leverage from the carbine barrel in such a disastrous event allowing extraction without drawing upwards on the carbine. Although the cost to produce this type socket was more than the standard socket in use, the army used them until the mid 1880s.  For what ever reason, these are extremely rare, and seldom come to the market.  Not the first we’ve seen, but the first we were able to acquire of this rare Indian Wars cavalry accoutrement.

Condition is fine, with leather mostly free of crazing, crackling, etc. except on the strap, and areas where the leather would come in contact with the carbine, a boot, so on.

The strap is held on by the use of two copper rivets.  There are no visible markings.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 5 in