Regular Army Privates Wearing Their 1874 Pattern Blouses SOLD

Nice photo showing regular army privates wearing the ’74 pattern fatigue blouse.

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This fine image shows two 1st Infantry privates wearing the Pattern 1874 fatigue blouse, with its five button front and piping on cuff and collar. The company letter is “H.” Obviously under the blue paint embellishing there are no NCO stripes (besides the stripes are not close to regulation), and therefore have to conclude that no trouser stripes exist either.

These two identified soldiers are most likely sending this to family or friends, or to each other, about their future and hopeful appointments.  The are identified as (Corp.) J.A. Evans, and (Sergt.) Ed. G. Eisen.  Gilt was used by the photographer to enhance the brass features on the uniform, and cap, but unfortunately blurred the badge that Eisen is wear. It’s shape does not appear to be an army marksmans badge of any type, and could be a company devised piece?

No photographer information, or location. Certainly taken after 1875 due to the crossed rifle insignia, and into the early 1880’s.

Nice clean image.

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