Relic Oak Section From U.S.S. Constitution -SOLD

Painted Oak Wood from “Old Ironsides.”


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This original section of oak was salvaged from the 1927 re-fit of the famous U.S.S. Constitution, perhaps better known as “Old Ironsides.”  The stamped copper plaque reads, “This Material Was Taken From The Original Hull Of The U.S. Frigate Constitution Keel Laid 1794 Rebuilding 1927.”

The oak piece is approximately 6″ in length at its widest, and 1 1/2″ wide.  There are several coats of paint ranging in colors from the deepest, charcoal gray, several coats of white, and a greenish brown.  Paint is chipped in spots, but largely intact.

America’s oldest warship has seen many re-fits, and repairs over the years, and it is calculated that less than 10 % of the original frigate has been remains.

Constitution’s legend grew from one of her first encounters with a British warship during the War of 1812, when it was observed that the enemy cannon balls were bouncing off her sides, thus the birth of the famous nickname.

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