Relic Wood Relating To Lt. Hobson, USN- Span-Am War


A section of wood from the tree where Lt. Hobson was traded by the Spanish in 1898- Sold by Francis Bannerman, NYC.

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This small piece of wood is light as a feather from age.  It is approximately 4″ long x 3″ h x 1.5″ w.  It is too old, and too wild a story to be true, but is just the thing that Francis Bannerman Son sold in their store on Broadway, NYC at the period of time and after.

Written is period ink on a small flat side of wood reads, “Wood From Tree Under Which Lt. Hobson USN Was Traded By Spanish During Spanish-American War, 1898- Sold By Francis Bannerman NYC As A Relic.”  A crude rendition of the USS Maine is drawn at the top with the patented line beside, “Remember The Maine.”  Other little embellishments are an anchor with I assume navy signal flags drawn along the bottom of the flat, and an American flag beside the Maine.

Hobson, while attempting to sink his ship in the shallow part of channel near Santiago, his steering was shot away and he failed to place the ship where it was most needed.  He and his crew were picked up the Spanish Navy, and was held as a POW until he was exchanged on 6 July, 1898.  He would receive the Medal of Honor years later for his action during the war.

Neat item and no so weighty piece of American history.

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