Rich Man’s War – Poor Man’s Fight Leaflet


This German leaflet was picked up by a GI in the 85th Infantry Division.

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“Rich Man’s War – Poor Man’s Fight” is a German propaganda leaflet picked up during the war in Italy, by PFC Anthony E. Capello, Company C. 337 Infantry, 85th Infantry Division.  In a note he made out when selling it to another collector several years ago, he stated, ” This leaflet was picked up by me just prior the Po Valley push at the Gothic line in Sept. of 1943″ and he signed it.  He was mistaken about the ’43 date when in actuality it was in 1945.

The leaflet shows a good deal of wear, particularly in the folds with some separation.  I will usually repair this type of damage with acid free tape, but in this case, with the ID, and history, I wanted to leave it as found.  I don’t know this but the item has that “tucked into the wallet look” and all the subsequent wear that naturally takes place.

The scene show a GI, who has been wounded in the arm, and a stretcher under the armpit.  In the background is a rather large, well to do gent with cigar, who is kicking back at Christmas enjoying life.  I have read that the gentleman is an anti-semantic caricature.

Printed in red and black, measuring 4 x 5 3/4 inches.


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