Saint Barbara Patron Saint of Artillerymen Medal


This silver colored medal comes with a portrait and history of Saint Barbara and her association with US Army-and USMC artillerymen.

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Saint Barbara Patron Saint of Artillerymen Medal and glossy maroon and gold portrait and history. The medal has no marking indicating sterling silver or any silver content. One side shows the bust of Saint Barbara, and a Revolutionary War artillery piece on the reverse. The bale one held a plane red ribbon, no longer with the medal.

The printed history is readable here (see photo), and these two pieces (history and portrait usually don’t accompany the medal when found.  It a nice story, and one any old artilleryman would appreciate.

Prints are 8 x 11 inches.  Corners show wear and a few minor wrinkles, but suitable for framing.

Medal is 39mm diameter.

Very good – fine condition.

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