Schuylkill Arsenal Cavalry Shell Jacket. SOLD

A nice jacket in great shape, great color, and a great size 3.

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A Civil War federal cavalry shell jacket exhibiting fine color, and size, being a 3.  Made at Schuylkill Arsenal and marked in the lining of the left sleeve, with sizing in the right “3X”.  This is most likely a surplus jacket that was not issued during the war do to the condition.

There are a few tiny moth holes that would be very easy to repair.  The lining shows some mothing, stress pulls and age wear to the wool.  The lining of the left breast pocket  has some tailor’s fine cotton fabric used for lining quality clothing.  This too is dry and shows some tears to the fabric.  The wool of the jacket is super. Some few areas of the yellow tape shows some minor fading, but not really noticeable. The buttons except for 2 are original too the jacket,  the others are original too. The age of the threads has caused a few others to need resewing.

This was is the main piece of uniform clothing that everyone recognizes for federal cavalry during the civil war.  One of the easiest pieces of Civil War uniform clothing to sell due to the history and their popularity with historians and collectors.

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