SHAEF Headquarters Officer’s Insignia Grouping


RARE SHAEF Headquarters Officer’s Insignia Grouping

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George Schaeffer Bare was a major in the Training and Security Section of SHAEF – MAIN Headquarters and this grouping contains a very significant “SHAEF” badge that is numbered “75,” and from what I surmise was used to allow certain individuals access to Eisenhower’s Main Headquarters, the “Holy of Holies.”  

I strongly believe this as I have owned only one other of these SHAEF badges, and that other one belonged to Captain Richard Underwood, Co-Pilot of Ike’s personal B-17 (Underwood’s numbered badge was “48”).

The badge is English made, and is not maker marked.  Not having seen any photos of personnel wearing the badge and may have been worn under the lapel of the uniform jacket.

Bare retired with the rank of Lt. Col. in the Army of the United States, and a Major in the Regular Army in 1951.

The lot also consists of his uniform ribbon bars made in Korea, 3 uniform name tags, Bullion overseas strips on Summer tan uniform representing 3 and a half years, a STERLING Combat Infantryman’s badge (missing one clutch back), 1 General Staff collar insignia (un-marked and clutch back), 2 Infantry distinctive insignia, the first is for the 104th Cavalry Regiment, a screw back and probably a pre war assignment. The other is the DI for the 115th Infantry Regiment of the 29th Infantry Division. This was probably Bare’s Combat unit before being assigned to SHAEF.

The 29th was one of the main assaulting division at Normandy and Bare’s ribbon bar shows his having participated in the invasion (arrowhead).

A Baltimore Gas and Electric label pin identified to Bare, completes this grouping.

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