Smith’s Patent Shoulder Strap Lt. General Stars.


These came off a single shoulder strap, and saved from years ago; from an important collection.

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Smith’s Patent shoulder straps all had stamped false embroidered borders and rank insignia over typical materials of the period.  These straps were being purchased during the Civil War and well after.  I bought these from an insignia collection through another dealer, so there was no way to know the exact period of these straps.  Being the same metal materials used during the course of Smith’s production, these could very well be Civil War period.  There were not a lot of Lt. Generals from 1863 toward the late 18 hundreds.

One star has double strands of wire, and the other just a single.

The silvered finish is wear, and only the slightest bit of damage (tip bent slightly, etc.).

If you needed one of these to repair some boards, it might be quite the time before some came available.

These came from the Robert Burrell Collection.

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