A guide made for both American and British soldiers.


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SOLDIER’S GUIDE TO ITALY is a small 32 page, soft cover book produced in the MTO (although there are no printer or publisher information), and it contains a map illustration of Italy on the cover, a two page map of the countries in the Mediterranean/ Southern Europe/ some North Africa, along with several photos. There are road sign charts on both inside covers.

The introduction states the the booklet was designed equally for American and British soldiers. “Still you should remember that Italians in their own country, after 20 years of Fascism, are by no means the same Italians you may have known in America, and in any case the relations of an occupying force with the occupied nation can never be easy.”   Further on,  “For convenience the booklet is divided into two parts.  In Part I you will find facts that you will need to know and an outline of what you are likely to encounter and see.  Part II contains information of less day- to – day importance about the country for those who are interested.

Overall in very good condition with normal wear and toning to paper from use.

Part of an unidentified GI’s lot of paper.

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