Soldier’s Pay – Cashed Checks By Savannah Paymaster 1866


Two checks endorsed by Foster A. Hixson in November of 1866; Early Reconstruction period.

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Soldier’s Pay – Cashed Checks By Savannah Paymaster, Major Foster A. Hixson.  These large amounts of money, $52520.00 and $450.00 were the amounts of checks written on the Merchant’s National Bank, of Savannah, Ga., dated November 1 & 2, 1866, in the early years of the Southern Reconstruction era.

Hixson applied to the Government several years later for an indebtedness to the Government for the loss of $10,000 Dollars was stolen a few months after these checks were cashed. The money was stolen while in Charleston, SC in March of 1867.  He had the cash in a large leather bag, that was left briefly in his stateroom aboard the steamer Dictator in Charleston, soon departing for Savannah, and while gone to have his bags brought onboard, the money was taken. With the report made, an investigator was hired to find the money.  It was later determined that the money was not stolen while on the steamer, but in Hixson’s room at his Charleston boarding house.  After all the turmoil, he remained in his position as paymaster, and the money was accredited to his account with the Treasury.

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