Spanish American War Era Officer’s Sword Knot – SOLD

American, Spanish?  Interesting leather variant sword knot. Circa 1890s- early 1900’s.

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Similar to a style seen in British sword where the knot is tightly braided from a rounded end to a point.  This one however is much more crude in its braiding, and a few strands extend from the bottom point.  The leather strap is one half inch wide, doubled over and sewn at its center.  The slide leather is also braided/ wrapped around a ring of leather (not wood or metal- some play when squeezed).  The knot section itself is 3 3/4 inches including the strands of the tassel.

The entire length is approximately 18 inches. The leather is crackled, but sturdy.  It was broken just about and inch and a half above the knot’s tassel, and was just repaired.

I found this knot in a lot of mostly Civil War and Indian Wars leather.  It could be earlier than I’m thinking, and possible taken from a Spanish sword in the Spanish American War era.

Regardless of period, or nationality, it is certainly a neat piece.

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