Spanish War Era US Mess Kit – SOLD

U.S. Marked with 3 pairs of different sized mess plates.


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I can’t recall the model number for these mess kits, but the round patterns are generally thought to be of the pre Spanish American War era with use approaching The Mexican Border period. The construction is typical of galvanized tin and tin plated, with a ring pull on lid that if slipped onto the locking handle will help stead the upper lid to hold bread and additional rations.

Marked “US” on the locking handle, and in fine condition; showing large amounts of original finish on the inside of the can.  This is most interesting in that the contents appear to be original to the mess kit, they being three sets of plates in pairs. Their sizes, large to small are:  8, 7, and 6 inches, with the mess kit being just under 9 inches diameter.

Whether is was intended to be used for several mess mates I don’t know (seems there is a lot I don’t know about this item), it might be an experimental issue item.  This came from an old collection, kept because of its uniqueness.

Condition is very good and better overall, with natural patina forming on tin surfaces, some rust forming in a few spots that will clean.  A very nice example.

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Weight 3 lbs