Spanish War Veteran’s Shadow Box Relic From USS Terror – SOLD

A small wood box with plastic cover with piece of the flag from the U.S. Monitor “Terror.”

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USS Terror was commissioned in 1896, and assigned to the North Atlantic Squadron. She arrived shortly after war was declared against Spain, and joined Admiral Sampson’s Squadron off Cuba in April of 1896. Terror was involved in the shore bombardments of coastal fortifications at San Juan and harbor of Santiago. She continued to patrol the West Indies, and Puerto Rico until after the hostilities ended, and was sent to Hampton Roads.  She was decommissioned in 1906.

The shadow box contains a piece of the Terror’s flag, and a fancy streaming banner/ label that reads in silver, “Piece of “Old Glory” that floated over the U.S. Monitor Terror, at the battle of Santiago, Cuba. Fought July 1-2-3, 1898 / Lieut. Commander E.F. Qualtrough U.S.N.”

With the use of plastic, this relic was probably made in between the World Wars by a Spanish American Veteran, who may have been a crewman onboard the U.S.S. Terror.

Box measures approximately 6 inches square.

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Weight 2 lbs