A choice Starr revolver with most of its original finish and holster.


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This is the Model 1863 Starr Single Action Army Revolver, in .44 caliber, serial number 55093. The U.S. Government had a contract for 25,000 of these reliable large frame army type revolvers, as well as state contracts and private purchases which are considered scarcer.  The serial numbering was a continuance of the Starr Double Action revolvers, with these single actions going into the 60 K range.

The condition of this Starr in truly super, having most of the original blue finish on frame, barrel and cylinder, etc. with the hammer and loading lever retaining a large percentage of original case color. Most of the wear to the finish occurs on the back strap and trigger guard. The revolver shows little use, and amazingly has not suffered the ravages of misuse of the years. The walnut grips are excellent with some dings on the butt, as well as minor scuffing.  Marking  and mechanics are excellent, and has a minty bore.  “STARR ARMS CO., NEW YORK” on the left side of frame and opposite, “STARR’S PATENT, JAN. 15. 1856.”  The grips are not inspected, meaning this revolver was not purchased by the Government, but either state or private purchase.  The only other number appearing on the revolver other than the serial number on both cylinder and frame (below the loading lever) is a “2”, and could indicate the possible purchase of a pair of these originally.

When purchased by me a few weeks ago, it came with a model 1863 pattern army holster made by W. Kinney, Co, Newark , NY., and there is no question that this revolver has been in the holster probably most of the years since manufacture. The condition of the leather is fine to excellent, with some age crackling and light scuffing over the surface of the leather.  There is a small hole in the belt loop area, that someone used to hang the pair on some wall.

This revolver will be difficult to improve on, especially having its original holster.  There was no history with the gun, but most definitely investment quality.

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Weight 25 lbs