T. Cox, Esq.’s 1861 Dated Childs Saber.


A wonderful rendition of a cavalry saber in miniature, made for boy’s birthday in 1861.

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In the early days of the Civil War, both Northern and Southern folk got wrapped up in the patriotic fervor, creating all kinds of small pins, badges, parade flags, stationery, and so many other things that allowed them to show support for their countries, armies and navies, etc. Parents were often happy to oblige their children with crude or exact style of uniforms that their fathers marched to war in. In this case, a young lad by the name of “T. Cox, Esq. was presented this wonderfully executed cavalry officer’s saber in miniature.

Upon the ricasso, on each side is engraved in a crude style, “T. COX / 1861,” and on the other side, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”  Just above that engraving is the number “6” or “9” depending how you look at it. His name appears between the brass scabbard ring mounts as well, “T. COX ESQ.”

The blade is nearly 26 inches long, with a single fuller beginning just above ricasso to within 5 inches of the point. It is bright, and clean, free of pits.  A brass hilt was cast with acanthus leaves, and other floral designs on the branches of the guard and quillion. Double twisted grip wire is wrapped tightly around the original leather on the grip, now a bit worn of its original finish. The overall length is 32 inches.

The brass scabbard with its untouched patina, and brighter brass ring mounts has the look of something on would consider confederate in nature. I don’t go that far not knowing the origin of this piece. The drag is firmly in place. Made of one piece, the scabbard is rolled and fused together on the ring side edge; slight holes are visible all along the length of the weld.

I would believe this is American made, with the possibility of using a French made sword/saber to make a casting. It is one of best boys swords I’ve seen from this era.  How to go about finding out who this young man is, well, thats up to you.  Came out of a collection from Pennsylvania, but don’t hang your hat on that piece of information.

Truly a wonderful gift, a sword no doubt the envy of the neighborhood.

Very good condition, untouched.




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