The Singer Mfg. Co.- Elizabethport, N.J. Employee Badge


This Singer Mfg. Co. employee badge was worn by a woman worker at the Elizabethport, N.J. Plant.

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Practically everyone knows that Singer is a name synonymous with sewing machines, but Singer was a major producer of war materiel during WWII.  When the war began, the company stop production of sewing machines and but all their efforts in weaponry.

During WWII, Singer produced Norden Bomb Sights for the Army Air Force, and the M-1 .30 caliber Carbine.  Later in the war they were awarded a contract to make Model 1911 A1 automatic pistols.

Singer had several plants in the U.S. and in Europe. The American plants during the war, most likely for security purposes issued color coded badges to its employee with the plant name on them.  In the case of this particular badge, the green enamel was used for the Elizabethport, N.J. plant.  A photograph was used on all of these observed, with this badge having been given to a woman employee.  The numbers below her photo are most difficult to determine their meaning, as some number on the lower left look like a possible date, but at times only a single digit is seen.  The right side is an employee number I believe.

Made by Whitehead & Hoag,  Pin back with addition snap hook added for quicker application.

38mm diameter.

Excellent condition.

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