Tin Spittoon, “J Scheider & Co. Pat’d 1871


Nicely Stenciled Maker’s mark on bottom

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This spittoon is the real deal, not one of the several knockoffs made by various companies just this past century. This body is fabricated entirely of tin with a great flaring and deep lip, and wide base. The base seems to be weighted some, and on the bottom is the name of the maker in a stencil. The entire base was japanned and then gilt paint was stenciled over that; it reads around the rim, “PATENTED OCT 10 1871, (then center) 305 J.SCHEIDER & CO.  The whole tin surface was originally painted rid with only traces remaining now. Given its use, it is quite understandable for the present condition.

The tin shows a dark patina overall blending with the red paint. The patent markings on the bottom is quite legible but show small spotted like flaking over the surface.

This spittoon has the look of spending a great deal of time at the base of a bar in a western saloon, or on some army post at the Sutler’s.

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