Two Cadets From PA In Uniform – SOLD

Id’d brothers wearing their cadet gray uniforms; forage caps bearing the initials of the academy.  Taken in Allentown, PA.

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These cadet from a military academy near the Allentown, Pennsylvania area, are identified brothers, Theodore and Richmond Steiner.  The image was taken in 1864, information provided in period ink on the reverse. They are wearing cadet gray uniforms and forage caps with the academy’s initials on the crown, but I am unable to make them out.

The younger “Richmond” has been issued an oversized blouse, perhaps on of the academy’s smallest boys; his hands just slightly exposed below the cuff.  Looking a bit rough for the typical pose in studio, not doubt their parents were not on hand to monitor the pose.  Those shoes could use some polish as well.

Photographed by B.K. Sweitzer, Allentown, Pa.

A cute pair of brothers from the Civil War era.

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