Two Identified WWI Air Service OS Caps SOLD

British Style cap, piped in Aero Service colors.T


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This is a lot of two caps that came together; one being the English style with piping, and the other is a plain OD gaberdine with miniature pilot wings pinned on.

The cap is named in the liner to Lt. (Harvey) F. Houck. The British style cap has a way of folding downward to form a winter style cap that covers the eyes and face. The front is held together with two small US general service cuff or vest buttons. The green and blue piping is sewn on the visor section only. This cap has some moth damage but not badly. The lining is very fine silk and is quite tattered. Houck’s name is written in on the inside lining.

In the official history of the 104th Aero Squadron, “1st Lt. Harvey F. Houck, A.S.: U.S.A. – Pilot, Joined Squadron at Luxeuil, Sept. 7th, 1918.”

The other plain cap is OD gaberdine, has a red silk lining, and blackened leather sweatband, and I believe this may well be English made as well. The mini wings are an inch long.  There is some staining on the gaberdine that looks like paint. It does diminish with a little work, I did one side.  It looks like paint or some powder.  I would think this is an every day work cap used by Houck.

In reading through some of the reports, the 104th was engaged with the “Checkerboard Circus” and Richtofen’s Circus” in the early part of Oct. The German’s hampered the 104th observation work, having to send cover fighters along on missions. From what I can see, and there is no record I found of combat actions for individuals, Houck may not have had any kills, although heavily engaged in operations of this unit.

A good historic pair of hats.

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