U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer’s Presidential Inaugural Medals & Ribbons, Etc. SOLD

These ribbons would allow the wearer to be up close and personal with the incoming president.


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U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer’s Presidential Inaugural Medals & Ribbons, Etc.

This is a nice lot of Presidential Inaugural medals and ribbons representative of 8 administrations. I have not researched the original owner, Lt. Commander L.P. Clephane; other than his being identified as such when this group was purchased.
The medals chronologically are for the 1889 “Centennial Inaugural” for Benjamin Harrison/Levi P. Morton.  The medal is approximately 4″ high and made of a silver metal; could be silver, or plate but not marked.  George Washington in a full bust on the reverse and the date “1789.”.  Next is the 1893 inauguration of Grover Cleveland/Adlai E. Stevenson made in bronze with the original, but tattered ribbon. Made by Whitehead & Hoag, Newark, NJ.  Last is a centennial commemorative of the establishment of the capital in the District of Columbia 1900.  A nice quality bronze medal with the busts of John Adams and William McKinley.  
Other than the condition of the above described ribbon, condition overall is fine or better.
The 4 ribbons were issued to VIPs, staff, etc.,  permitted admittance to the “Floor and Promenade” for William McKinley’s 2nd inauguration in 1901;  the 1905 inauguration of Teddy Roosevelt, and finally for William Taft in 1910.  These three are all made on white silk with gilt lettering; the first two have safety pins on reverse.  The 4th ribbon is for the “Court of Honor Committee ” for the inauguration of Calvin Coolidge in 1925.  This retains the ID pin bar with Commander Clephane’s name written on it in period ink.
The first three white ribbons are fine condition, and the blue has a small tear going into the ribbon for just over a 1/4 inch above the name “Court,” and a complete separation above the date, repaired in thin black leather.
Completing the lot are Chephane’s WWI Victory Medal, and 2 ribbon bars.
A desirable lot of presidential campaign material.

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