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Boxed set belonged to Captain Burnham C. McCaffree.

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This cased set consists of a U.S.Navy officer’s full dress chapeau, pair of shoulder epaulettes, and dress sword belt.

The black japanned tin case has the owner’s name painted on the lid in gold paint, “B,C. McCaffree, USN.” The set was purchased by Brunham Clough McCaffree at the time of his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland in 1926. The chapeau is maker named to Schuele, Peppler & Kostens, Annapolis, Maryland, and I assume that is where it was purchased. There is no name on the epaulettes only “Left,” & “Right.”  The epaulettes are set up for a Lieutenant Commander.There is a dress belt within the container with lid beneath the chapeau. It is a cloth belt complete with buckle, and sword hangers and snap swivels. By the time that McCaffree was promoted to commander, WWII had started, and the need for dress uniforms such as this were not needed. New uniform regulations did away with these full dress sets.

The condition of the cased set in fine+ with all the items showing some wear, age toning, and some fraying to bullion in a few small areas. The belt is fine as well with some soiling and slight fading to the blue cloth.The outer surfaces of the case is nice and shows some rust in small areas, some chipping and wear to the japanning, typical dings, scratches, etc. The chapeau shows wear to the fur on the crown.

McCaffree received his pilot’s wings in 1931, and first aviation assignment was aboard the U.S.S. Lexington. Returning to Pensacola in  in 1933, he was a flight instructor at which time some of his students included William Halsey and John S. McCain.

Promoted to Captain in 1944, he assumed command of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Guadalcanal that served as the Flag Ship of the Anti Submarine Warfare task force “Hunter-Killer” operations in the Atlantic Ocean. In early 1945, McCaffree became U.S. Navy Liaison Officer to Commander, 29th Air Force, that being Major General Curtis LeMay, U.S, Army, on Guam.

McCaffree retired in 1956 with the rank of Captain.

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