WWI Boxed Verdun Medal With Certificate


Not as commonly found complete, this Battle of Verdun Medal is in fine condition.

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Super condition boxed Battle of Verdun medal complete with the certificate stamped and facsimile signed by the Deputy Mayor of Verdun, printed in both French and English. The name of the medal (in gold script) is on the lid of the red and gold bordered box.

The medal is missing its two pronged mounting pin, but other wise is in excellent condition. The box and the document show some more wear, but still very nice, and most displayable.

This medal was instituted in 1916, and originally was to be given out to those who fought in the battle (21 Feb- 2 Nov. 1916), but later was awarded to any soldier who served in the Argonne and St. Mihiel sectors from 31 July, 1914 to the Armistice (11-11-18).

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