WWI Eddystone Arsenal- War Service Pin. SOLD

Bronze lapel badge for this arsenal that produced the P-17 Rifle used in WWI.

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The Eddystone Rifle plant began in 1915 producing the P-17 rifle for the British military in WWI.  With America’s entrance into the war in 1917, the U.S. Government took nearly all of the production for American military use.  Beside other munitions produced at Eddystone, Pa. the plant made close to 2 million rifles with parts that could be assembled to include another 200,000 additional rifles.  The plant closed in 1919 turning its attentions to producing locomotives.

This bronze badge is marked “WAR SERVICE. EDDYSTONE RIFLE PLANT”  The reverse reads, “Gov’t Property- Return To War Dept. Wash. D.C.” There is a thumb-screw stud on the back which I assume was placed on a label by workers at the plant, it may been worn elsewhere.

1 3/8 inches high.

Condition is very good- fine.


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Weight .75 lbs