WWI ID’d 94th Aero Squadron Mess Gear -SOLD

ID’d Mess Gear from the Famous “Hat in the Ring” Squadron.


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This lot is identified to the “Hat In The Ring” or 94th Aero Squadron. There are a lot of important names in World War 1 aviation associated with this unit; among them are Eddie Rickenbacker, Raoul Lufbery and Douglas Campbell. This set of mess gear belonged to another of the famous unit, Charles Niemeyer  who scratched his name and etched insignia and the American flag on his gear, which includes his canteen cup and mess plate.

The handle of the plate and the canteen cup bottom are stamped “94 AERO 139,” the cup has an American flag with “USA” over  “ASSC.” On the other side of the cup he has scratched the signal Corps insignia. The bottom of the mess plate reads, ” La Havre. Paris, Chas Niemeyer, 94th Aero.” His initials are on the top as well.

The handle on the plate is missing. Condition overall is very good, with dings, scratches etc.

Included in the lot is a knife, made by the American Cutlery Co. 1917, and identified to the “14th Aero  101.” The tip is broken, rust blade and will clean some. Came with the lot don’t know if it is related to Niemeyer?