WWI Snap Shot Album – Artillery, Fort Sill Oklahoma SOLD

A great album of photos and a history of Fort Sill, owned by Orville M. Stein, (see the other of his albums from Fort Sill listed.

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This photo album contains 63 photos in and around Fort Sill, Oklahoma, with a brief history of the fort in the front of the album.
The photos show images of the then “New American 75mm gun as an Aircraft gun”, a 75mm gun that was blown up by a shell, the then “old 3″ gun”, Officers of the 19th Division, the 14th Field Artillery Band, vehicles, the Supply Co. football team playing, soldiers wearing gas masks, tanks, a photo of a Native American, horses and much more.
As mentioned, there are over 60 images in the album all relating to Fort Sill and are too many to show in the listing.
Also in the album is a three page numbered list of the photos and the caption that matches the image.  The list only goes up to number 55 (despite having 63 images in the album).  The list and the album were made by Orville M. Stein, Ordnance Department, 14th Field Artillery, Fort Sill Oklahoma.
The photos all have some light wear and fading.  The pages they are mounted to have similar wear and are faded as well.  The front and back covers are a heavy brown paper with some wear, small creases along the corners and a few small rips on the front cover.  The covers and pages are bound by three small strands of cord; all pages intact and still bound.
Photos in the album measure approx. 2.75″ x 4.75″; Album measures approx. 8.75″ x 13″.

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