WWII Boxed AAF Navigation Stop Watch SOLD

Cased Navigation stop watch for both Army and Navy Use.


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This original casing for a Navigation stop watch is seldom seen anymore. The outside shipping box is cardboard and measures 4 1/2″ Sq. and wide x 2 1/2″ high. Label reads, “Case, Carrying, Watch, Navigation, contract date of 1944.There is also the small stamp on the label (“A/N”) standing for Army and Navy. The inner protective container is metal, painted gray and contains a rigged watch platform suspended with the use of springs. The metal tag on the container reads nearly the same as the outside label with the exception a marking for the U.S. Army A. C. (Air Corps).

The watch is not running as sometime in its recent past, it was wound too tight. The watch shows some minor scuffing and some slight roughness and wear to the back cover is opened (need some small tool to open the back), and all around the rim. The watch is marked, “….Type A-8, Ser No 42-2720….Elgin.” It is possible that the watch is not original with this case.  I only say that because I’m not sure.

The case is a scarce item and in fine+ condition.  The watch other than not running is fine condition.