WWII Douglas Aircraft Co. Worker’s Souvenirs


A .Douglas Aircraft Co. worker and relative or friend, sent this material to her Son In Service, containing some scarce pins.

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It is not totally clear if the worker of the  Douglas Aircraft Company family or friend, but she writes to a service men, mentioning his barracks.  Our writer is Phyllis, who has simplified brilliantly describing her job at the plant and also provided a most positive attitude about her employment on the back of a company post card showing the Douglas A 24 Banshee.

“Where the X are thats where I work on. I put in the steps in front cockpit & back cockpit & the baggage door & life raft com. (compartment).  Im just crazy over the planes. I sure would like to ride in one.  Love Phyllis.    Marilyn works on the wing where the X is.  You can hang this up in your barracks.  We have our room just blastered  with airplane pictures.”  She sent along a company patch (2 3/4″ dia.), with a scarce Douglas Son In Service Pin,  and a Douglas plant “Bond- A- Month” pin.

This is the first I have come across these before.

An interesting home front-woman worker’s description of her contribution to the war effort.

Condition overall is excellent

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