WWII Era Coast Guard Officer’s Billed Cap & Bullion Insignia


Made by S. Appel, & Co. New York & Miami, with super bullion insignia for CG Auxiliary officer.

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This is the first time I’ve encountered one of these billed caps for a Coast Guard officer with applied bullion CG insignia.  Made by “S. APPEL CO., NEW YORK & MIAMI.” I have researched some on this cap and found that the company was in business in the 30’s, perhaps earlier, and assume post WWII.

Certain things make me comfortable in calling this WWII era; first the type of bill cap with the longer bill, and body that slops back looks like many hunting caps of this period. The paper size label applied on the leather sweatband has this period’s look.

The sweet bullion insignia for an CG Auxiliary officer seem this era as well, and not much more than into the 50’s I would think.

The insignia made of all gold bullion has a convex enameled Coast Guard flag on white, with gilt design and lettering, all sewn on black wool.  44mm widest.

Blue wool cap has sporadic mothing, which is not overly visible, and as you can see by the photos displays well.

A black lining with embossed maker name shows the moths made their way through, and the maker name, although visible is blurred from use. The leather sweatband is in fine condition.

A great looking cap.