WWII U.S.O. Camp Show Short History, Photos, patches – SOLD

With Photos from USO Play onboard Army Transport Ship E.B. Alexander.


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I have not seen a great deal of material for USO Camp Shows and personnel memorabilia.  This lot consists of a short history, a booklet about the USO Camp Shows, well illustrated and comes with a cover letter from the President of the USO, Camp Show, Inc, Abe Lastfogel.

A small group of photographs all featuring one woman who was a member of the USO, Lilius is the first name and I see no last name, This came from an Infantry Officer’s lot of bibles only, his name was Fisher, so Lilius may be a sister or wife? Lilius played the roll of Panama Hattie, and most of the photos are taken onboard the Army Transport Service Ship “E.B. Alexander, commanded by Colonel H.S. Duncan II.

Included as well was a shoulder patch for the camp shows, and a USO armband.

Soldiers coming home must have had a nice trip home, the purpose of the shows. Like the cover of the booklet said, “The curtain goes up 700 times a day.”