Coast Artillery Appointments From The First Years

Two appointments for one man, dated 1902 and 1914, the first 2 years of the Coast Artillery.


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Coast Artillery Appointments From The First Years, dated 1902 and 1904, and still using the insignia for the Artillery Corps (1901-2) in the lower corners of the documents. These are corporal and sergeant appointments for Thomas G. Bay, of the 49th Company, CAC.  They are signed by the commanders of Fort Columbus, NY, and the District of Maine (Portland).

On the 1902 document, it is signed by Wm. P. Duvall, USMS Class of 1865, Lt. Col. USV Infantry, Artillery Corps. Also signed by 2nd Lt. Wm. S. Browning, USMA Class of 1896.

The 1904 document is signed by Wm. F. Stewart, entered service from Rhode Island, as a 2nd Lt., 4th Artillery, brevet major for gallant service in action against Indians at Clearwater, Idaho, July 1877; Colonel of Artillery Corps.  Also signed by  1st Lt. John Wiley Gulick, 1st Lt. NC Infantry, 1898; 1st Lt. 47th U.S.V. 1899; and1st Lt. Artillery Corps.

Interesting that after 1902 (concerning the 1904 document) that these officers are referring to themselves as attached to the Artillery Corps.

The two appointments do show some wear and light staining. At some point someone used tape to reinforce the folds, which gladly is not bleeding through the thick paper. For some reason the 1902 document has some odd cutting on the sides, but appears to have been done a long time ago.  Nice examples of military documents of an older form, being used after changing the name of the Artillery Corps to Coast Artillery Corps.

First of this format we’ve had.

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