Militia Linen Trousers Circa 1820’s.


A very scarce pair of course home-spun linen trousers.

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Militia Linen Trousers Circa 1820’s, all hand stitched, and having a complete set of ten flat brass one-piece buttons.  Four of these buttons are for use with suspenders, two for the vertical fly, and the remainder for the fall front.  The trousers have two front pocket, and one watch pocket.

Straight legs with hemmed at the bottom.

Waist is 38 inches.

29 inch inseam.

Stitching is nearly all intact, with exception to an area in front just below lower fly button.  Typical wear and toning to material.  Would rate as fine condition considering age.

What separates these from normal everyday men’s work trousers are the brass buttons.  However, brass could be used but more expensive to replace if lost.  The fact that the condition is so well preserved suggests military use, as militia would only muster twice a year normally. Civilian work clothing gets repaired, then handed down to the children, being refitted until very little usable material was left to do anything substance with.

A scarce piece of men’s clothing that seldom is found in today’s market.

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