31st U.S. Volunteer’s Trunk Grouping

Identified to George Crago, from Lemoyne, Ohio; a veteran of the 31st Vols, 9th U.S. Infantry, and U.S. Navy.

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Records indicate that George Crago, enlisted in the 31st U.S. Volunteers in July of 1899, and saw action in the Philippines. At some point while still in the Philippines he is in the 9th U.S. Infantry remaining in the Philippines seeing more combat, and apparently staying in the army into the teens.  He then enlists in the U.S. Navy around the time of WWI, stationed on the USS Illinois (BB-7).

This trunk grouping consists of:

    • 1898 tropical khaki coat; worn, and showing stains, etc. Heavily worn in the inside collar. No waist belt, but then these got on purpose.
    • 1895 garrison cap, badly mothed.
    • cabinet photo of Crago holding Krag rifle with bayonet. Probably a stateside image.
    • Philippine Insurrection campaign medal, M No. 4397.
    • USWV membership badge.
    • Small Philippine made dirk/ knife.
    • Lot of insignia, company letters, silver marksman “A” badge, Pistol Shot 1st Class badge, 1885 general service buttons, etc.
    • 8th Corps badge
    • 2 mini USWV lapel pins.
    • 14K BB & B label pin of Philippine Flag.
    • Embroidered handkerchief, “Exposition Omaha / Remember The Maine / 1898.
    • (In trunk’s small compartment) U.S. Army issue knife in leather sleeve. Tinned fork with contract markings, Wisconsin state seal silver spoon, blue wool needle role up case, sewing kit from later service in army, open box of .38 cal revolver blank cartridges with Frankford Arsenal label – 6 unfired cartridge remain with 2 small caliber blank cartridges, bronze finish 9th Infantry collar insignia (pin back), misc piece of Chinese game piece (paper), worn out hat cord.
    • Navy white cotton jumper, with another man’s name inside, with many dark stains from the varnish inside the trunk. Rough
    • Cabinet photo of Crago in dress sailor’s uniform, taken at Norfolk, Va.
    • Cabinet photo of USS, personalized on reverse.
    • WWI Victory Medal with “ATLANTIC FLEET” clasp. Some wear to upper edge of ribbon.
    • Bronze WWI discharge lapel pin.
    • Typewriter eraser
    • Illustrated souvenir pencil in shape of a bullet.
    • Cabinet photo, Ship, “City of Salem,” Name of a corporal in the 31st Vols on the back, probably the ship they went to the Philippines in.
    • The trunk was made in the Philippines and tack decorated on the lid, with Crago’s name, unit and hometown. It was painted white and later used while in the navy. inside the trunk, and pasted to the lid is a typed note concerning George Crago, dated 1994, giving a brief account of his service, traits, etc.  See photo. The trunk is approximately 30 inches long, 16 inches wide, 14 inches high.

Included are some photocopied records from the National Archives.

A nice grouping. Might be best to pick up, or arrange a meet here or at a show in future if possible. Will ship, and price is not calculated in price of item.

Good history for a multiple service individual.

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