Hagner No.2 Cartridge Pouch – Modified for Cavalry Use – SOLD

The cartridge loops are for .45/ 70 ammunition.

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Hagner No.2 Cartridge Pouch – Modified for Cavalry Use. This variant had the brass finial and closing tab interchanged for easier access to ammunition for the cavalryman. The pouch holds 24 rounds of .45/70 ammunition.

The pouch is in very good condition, and could be improved upon. Leather overall is suple, stitching sound, with a nice interior. The top of the flap shows the most wear, with crackling to the finish from use, as well as similar wear to the leather closer tab (has inspector stamp, “J.F.”), the Hagner “No. 2” stamp on the back of the pouch are present by light.

The stamped oval U.S. is strong.

Nice example of an early Indian War accoutrement for Springfield Tradoor carbines.

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Weight .8 lbs