Indian Wars Era Officers Sword Belt Complete ON HOLD

In fine condition and has marking I was told were once part of the MOLLUS Collection.

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Indian Wars Era Officers Sword Belt Complete.

The condition of the sword belt is fabulous, and when I purchased it, was told it was originally part of the MOLLUS Collection (note the inventory numbers on both belt and buckle).  The belt is 1 3/4 inches wide, with a decorative embossed design on its entire length, and a miniaturized version of that embossing carries over to the sword hangers, The hangers have snap swivels applied with a fancy mount that rivets to the bottom of the hanger leather.  Brass slides for the leather hangers are attached to sections of leather sewn to the inside of the belt.  The high quality eagle buckle has the 1872 pattern wide hook.

No markings, and enough leather to increase size.

Fine + condition, with some wrinkled leather from use, and some areas of surface wear that can be easily disguised.  A great quality belt for garrison and field use.

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