SHAEF Headquarters’ Last Communique SOLD

General Eisenhower’s last communique to the troops of the Allied Armies in Europe, and this document bears the printed signature of Ike.



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General Eisenhower’s first communique was printed and issued to the troops about to invade the shores of Normandy.  In his last communique, Ike begins, “The task which we set ourselves is finished, and the time has come for me to relinquish Combined Command.”

SHAEF Headquarters effectively ended in July of 1945.

The printed document bears the insignia of the SHAEF patch, Ike’s Command.  It is in fine + condition with some light aging around the edges, one indent from a blunt object that slightly penetrates the paper, but not badly.

Usually seen folded in thirds,this copy is unfolded.  This came from a personal correspondence of a SHAEF officer from my collection.  There were at one time several in the lot. Most definitely an original.

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