Portrait & MOLLUS Medal of Civil War Captain

Hand Painted Albumen Photograph.

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This portrait of an Infantry captain and his descendant’s MOLLUS medal, No. 13904, came together recently from a Civil War show.  The captain is not named, but at least the medal has been traced to a range of numbers given to members of the Iowa Commandery.

The hand painted albumen photograph was expertly done, in the Civil War period, and was reframed probably in the last 40-50 years. There is a section of printed label from the original frame, The Louis Art Co., St. Louis, MO.  The gilt frame is 16×18 inches approximately, and the interior mat exposes an image size of 6 1/2x 8 1/2 inches.  The mat has been dated “1861” and may have been the date on the image, or representative of the first year of the Civil War.

The Military Order of the Loyal Legion medal is in very good condition and is made of 10K gold and enamel. The number is engraved on the link between ribbon and medal, and its length is 3 inches in height.

It is unfortunate that for the time being this group remains un-identified, as at some point a list will be found revealing more numbers. Iowa volunteers served manly in the western theatre of the war, and further west garrisoning forts in Indian territories, and on campaign against warring tribes while the war in the east raged on.


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